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A Guide to 18 Ct Gold Jewelry Earrings

Gold is a yellow precious metal. Its beauty, malleability, and durability have made it a good material for jewelry. Gold jewelry (such as gold bracelets and silver earrings) has for centuries been worn to enhance beauty. Because of its value, gold has been accessible to the wealthy and has been a symbol of power. Being a soft metal, gold has to be alloyed with other precious or semi-precious metals to make it hard. This has eventually made it affordable. The quality of gold jewelry is measured in carats. A carat is the percentage of pure gold in gold jewelry. The qualities range from 9ct to 24ct. 18ct gold is 75% gold. The remaining percentage is silver, nickel, or copper. 18ct gold jewelry has the following qualities which make it popular.
It is harder than the 9ct and 14ct and, their fore holds up better to everyday wear. 18ct gold jewelry is yellower than 9ct and 14ct due to the higher gold percentage and it also looks better with age. When compared with 22ct and 24ct gold jewelry, it is harder and looks more or less the same in color. The qualities above make 18ct gold good for making jewelry such as gold earrings, gold bracelets, gold chains, and necklaces. The gold bracelet is the best item to make with 18ct gold.

Its ability to blend with attire and different occasions makes it more likely to be worn more. Buying 18ct gold jewelry is not only a means of enhancing your beauty and uniqueness. It is an investment. This is because the prices of 18ct gold are steadily rising. Finding a good place to buy your 18ct gold is therefore necessary. If you are particularly interested in the 18ct bracelet, a good place to buy is the Gold Bracelet Stores website. They offer a wide variety of 18ct gold bracelets at reasonable prices.


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