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All You Want to Know About Cartilage Earrings

All You Want to Know About Cartilage Earrings
Cartilage earrings are the latest trend to hit all generations and fashion-conscious people all over the world are wearing them. In this article, we attempt to find out exactly what they are, how much they cost, and where you can buy them from. What are cartilage earrings? They are the same as normal earrings apart from they are placed in the cartilage section of the ear and not the lobe. This section is the top half of the ear and it is a lot thicker than the lobe so piercing has to be done differently. Normal silver earrings also come in pairs however with a cartilage earring, it is traditionally only working on one ear. It is quite easy to assume that they have only just been invented however they have been around for centuries. Have a look at most African tribes and you will see that they have always worn earrings in their cartilages.

Men from ancient Persia also wore them. There are many places to buy these types of earrings, however, it is important to know that the cartilage takes a longer time to heal than the lobe part of the ear. Previously, with earrings inserted into the ear, everyone was instructed not to remove the earring for at least four weeks. This period is extended to eight weeks with cartilage piercings. Also know the gauge of your cartilage piercing. If you have a 22 pierce size and buy a new earring that is a size 14 then the cartilage will close up easier than the lobe would. If you do not have an allergy to jewelry then cheap earrings can be purchased. These can be in the form of plastic, steel, or titanium. However, if you are allergic then visit your local jewelry shops to buy pure gold or silver. Earrings for the cartilage can in many forms including hoops, chains, studs, barbells, and cuffs. It is very easy to look hip, stylish, and fashionable with the latest trend of cartilage earrings. Another trend that is developing fast with teenagers is having labret jewelry pierced into your body.


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