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Five Earrings that Every Woman Must Have

If I had to choose just one piece of jewellery to wear for my entire life, I would go with earrings. Most women do not realize how earrings enhance their appearance, adding a finished look no matter what you are wearing. It’s like lipstick; it instantly brightens up the face and draws attention to your facial features. Earrings come in a million designs and are available in any price range. You can have your pick from precious materials such as gold, platinum and gemstones. You can go trendy with copper, brass, and mother-of-pearl. Modern silver earrings have choices that are endless. However, every woman must have these five earring styles as part of her collection. These earrings are classical and elegant additions to any kind of feminine wear. You could be dressed in plumbing overalls while scrubbing down shower screens in the bathroom, but wearing a killer pair of diamond earrings while lend you a sophisticated look while doing dirty work. Give a young woman a pair of pearl earrings and she is instantly transformed. Or even a pair of chunky chandelier earrings are perfect for casual occasions and look great paired with sundresses. They draw attention to the movement of your head, and soften your look. For an ultra-feminine fashion statement, wear with a slinky dress and watch heads turn. Or you can go simple with a plain shirt, well-fitting jeans and stilettos. Chandelier earrings flatter updone hair styles best.
On days when your outfit is very elaborate, a minimalist pair of white gold earrings will keep you from looking too overwhelming. Dresses that come in a very strong color or those that feature intricate details should be worn with jewellery that flatters rather than competes. Gold hoop earrings are a somewhat sedate style. For occasions when you need to appear professional and polished, a pair of gold hoop earrings will still keep you looking feminine and sexy.

Pearl earrings come in a wide range of tones. You should get the specific tone that will go well with your colouring. Because of their soft, lustrous quality, pearl earrings lends your face a becoming glow. Younger women should generally go with simpler styles such as small seed pearl clusters or a single-mounted perfect pearl. More elaborate styles such as a central pearl surrounded by precious baguettes look particularly good on older women. All women should aspire to own a pair of real diamond studs. The song says it right; diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. Diamonds can be worn with any colouring and compliments any outfit. Round diamonds are classic and timeless, although you can express your own personality through unconventional shapes such as marquise or even unpolished diamonds. The five types of earrings mentioned here are by no means suggested as your limit. As with all fashion accessories, the more you have the merrier. When choosing earrings, keep in mind that the size of earrings you wear should be proportional to your size. While larger women can opt for chunkier pieces, petite ones should choose more delicate styles and avoid those that dwarf their face entirely .


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