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The Beauty Of Amethyst Stud Earrings

The amethyst is known for its vivid purple hues and is the official birthstone for February. What’s not so widely known is that the name Amethyst came from the ancient Greeks and meant “not drunken”. It was thought the stone could ward off intoxication and help overcome addictions. It was also seen as a stone for royalty due to its purple coloring. Unlike silver earrings that are worn as fashion jewelry pieces, amethyst stones are durable and can be very expensive.

The amethyst stud earring represents a calming and gentling affect on the wearer and is said to be something that lasts a long time and does not tend to damage easily. It is also known as a stone that compliments any wardrobe, whether casual or formal. When cut, the stone is ideal for earrings, especially as studs. This is because a smaller and rounder cut for an amethyst provides a more vivid color and removes the darker/uneven color patches that amethysts usually feature. Some other cuts that are popular for amethyst stud earrings are emerald, pear or heart shaped cuts. Although most amethysts purchased today have been heat-treated to provide a deeper purple color, there are still a variety of hues available. The lighter lilac or lavender shades, known as “Rose De France”, are gaining in popularity and so are also a great alternative to the more popular deep purple shades.
Amethyst earrings bring a great finishing touch to any outfit. The bright violet/purple hues give a burst of color that is very flattering and really stands out and amethysts are especially stunning when surrounded by an outline of diamonds. They are perfect for everyday wear, but can also be beautiful when worn with evening wear. Due to the deep meanings associated with the Amethyst, and the exquisite beauty of the gemstone, they make a great gift idea for someone special, and, due to their abundance, they are very affordable too. The receiver is sure to appreciate the beauty of these lovely gemstones.


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